The Esti-Mystery Creator Course by Steve Wyborney

The Esti-Mystery Creator Course

The course for educators who want to learn how to design and customize Esti-Mystery experiences for their students.

Steve Wyborney, the creator of Splat!, the Estimation Clipboard, Tiled Area Squares, the Animated Multiplication Table, and Esti-Mysteries guides you through the process of creating your own Esti-Mysteries designed specifically for your students!

1. Learn how to create compelling photos for Esti-Mysteries.

You'll learn the process, several tips, what to be certain to do, and what to avoid.  Everything from objects and containers to camera angles and glare will be covered.  You'll also learn how to create MANY images from a small set of objects.

2. Download the PowerPoint Esti-Mystery template.

Learn how to write the title, exactly where to place your photo, how to prepare The Reveal, and to test your Esti-Mystery animations - which have already been set up for you! 

3. Use the toolkit to select the perfect clues for your class.

As you add the clues, you can also visualize what your students will experience.

Watch this 20-second video to see an example.

4. Add the clues from the toolkit to the template.

Watch - as in less than 60 seconds - I place the clues from the downloadable toolkit onto the Esti-Mystery template.

5. Learn how to maximize the student experience in your classroom.

Download the charts and watch the videos that detail how to use the Esti-Mysteries that you create in rich ways in your classroom!

The Complete Esti-Mystery Creator Course has been enhanced with new bonuses!

  • The complete course can be immediately accessed online.
  • 2 hours of video content is included.
  • All course templates can be downloaded.
  • MASSIVE BONUS:  All 77 Esti-Mysteries that I've written are now included with the course.
  • MASSIVE BONUS:  50 brand new Image-Prepared Esti-Mysteries have been added to the course.
  • There is more... 
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Access 50 Image-Prepared Esti-Mysteries!

I've created 50 custom images just for Esti-Mysteries, 
placed them on the Esti-Mystery template, 
and included the answer on the final slide.  

(Remember to delete the answer after you've added it to The Reveal.)

You can download all 50 with a single click!

This is one of the 50. 

Use the 50 Images to Write Your Own Esti-Mysteries!

The images are ready, the answer is provided, 
and the template is completely ready!

Simply type the answer under The Reveal, add the title,
and write the perfect clues for your class!

A Wide Variety of Images

Choose from 1 (or all) of the 50 images and then write the clues for your class!

A Wide Range of Numbers

What's included?

Video Icon 26 videos File Icon 9 files Text Icon 5 text files


Introduction to The Esti-Mystery Creator Course
The Esti-Mystery Creator Course Introduction
9 mins
Module 1 - Creating & Gathering Photos
Creating the Photos
5 mins
How to Take Photos 5 Times Faster
3 mins
The Easiest Way to Label Photos with the Number of Objects
5 mins
Contents Count
6 mins
All About Containers
6 mins
The Die Flip
6 mins
Moving to Module 2
1 min
Module 2 - Writing Effective Math Clues & Understanding How They Interact with Estimation
Module 2 Introduction
1 min
Understanding How Clues Interact With Estimation
4 mins
The 8 Purposes of EstiMystery Clues
5 mins
The Surest Way to Ruin an Esti-Mystery
4 mins
Arranging The Range
11 mins
Understanding The Esti-Mystery Clues Toolkit
Overview of the Esti-Mystery Toolkit and Template
6 mins
Using the Clues Toolkit
8 mins
The 50 Custom Layers In The Esti-Mystery Toolkit
5 mins
Esti-Mystery Standard Template 5 Clues.pptx
55.7 KB
Esti-Mystery Clue Toolkit and Templates.pptx
376 KB
Moving to Module 3
1 min
Module 3 - Preparing the Presentation Template (Putting it All Together)
Preparing the Presentation Template
10 mins
6 Featured Tips
6 mins
Tips & Directions for Using the Esti-Mystery Toolkit and Templates.pdf
512 KB
Choose Your Route
2 mins
Example 2 - How to Use the Templates to Create an Esti-Mystery
6 mins
Example 3 - How to Use the Templates to Create an Esti-Mystery
5 mins
Moving to Module 4
1 min
Module 4 - Maximizing the Richness of the Classroom Experience
The Student Experience
5 mins
Using the Charts
5 mins
Esti-Mystery Creator Course Charts.pdf
372 KB
It's Your Turn
It's Your Turn
3 mins
Bonus: 77 Completed Esti-Mysteries
About the 77 Esti-Mysteries
Massive Collection of Esti-Mysteries from Steve Wyborney.pptx
12.7 MB
Bonus: 50 Image-Prepared Esti-Mysteries
I've taken 50 pictures for you!
50 Image-Prepared Esti-Mysteries Ready to Write.pptx
3.05 MB
Bonus: The 6-Clue Template
About the 6-Clue Template
standard template 6 clues.pptx
55.9 KB
Bonus: Horizontal Image Template (4 clues)
About the Horizontal Template - Which is Perfect for Landscape Photos
Horizontal template 4 clues.pptx
55.6 KB
Bonus: Horizontal Image Template (6 clues)
About the 6-Clue Horizontal Template - Which is Also Perfect for Landscape Photos
Horizontal template 6 clues.pptx
55.8 KB


What is included with the course?

This is the complete course on how to write Esti-Mysteries from the creator of Esti-Mysteries.  
The course includes:  
  • 2 Hours of Video Content about creating Esti-Mysteries with Directions, Tips, and Insights
  • The Esti-Mystery Template
  • The Clue Writing Toolkit
  • The Printable Student Chart
  • Additional Templates
  • BONUS:  77 Esti-Mysteries that I've written
  • BONUS:  50 Image-Prepared Esti-Mysteries

Are the 77 Esti-Mysteries included with the course?

Yes!  You will be able to download (in a single click) all 77 Esti-Mysteries!  That includes EVERY Esti-Mystery that I've written through November 2019.  You will have a MASSIVE collection of Esti-Mysteries ready to use in class.  In addition, they will give you many clue ideas. 

What are the 50 Images?

For some people, finding a container, gathering objects, counting those objects and taking the photo is the most time-consuming part of the process.  So I've created 50 custom images just for Esti-Mysteries.  I've already counted the objects, taken the photos, placed the picture on the template - and of course have included the answer.  That means all you need to do is select the perfect clues for you class.  

Since I've done this 50 times - with images that have never been seen before - that means you have an ENORMOUS starter pack of 50 Ready-to-Write Esti-Mysteries.

Of course, the Esti-Mystery Creator Course will teach you how to take your own photos to use in your own Esti-Mysteries, but these images will let you dive in to the process immediately.

What if I purchase the course and then realize that it isn't for me?

No worries!  If you purchase the course and then realize that it's not for you, just let me know in the first 30 days - and you'll receive your money back.  ALL OF IT!

What are the custom templates?

The course includes a clue template with space for 5 clues.  If you want fewer clues, you simply delete the extra clue boxes that are not needed.  In addition to the standard template, I've added a 6-clue template to the course.

In addition, I've included 2 brand new horizontal templates that work better for landscape photos.  

Can I see a picture of the 77 Esti-Mysteries?

Absolutely!  Keep scrolling and you'll see a thumbnail of each of them.

MASSIVE COURSE BONUS: 77 Esti-Mysteries!

The Esti-Mystery Creator Course  now includes EVERY Esti-Mystery I've written through November 2019.

Inside the course, download all 77 Esti-Mysteries with a single click!

Purchase Course for $79

77 Esti-Mysteries Now Included!

Scroll down to see the thumbnails of all of the Esti-Mysteries.

These images show just the clue slide from each of the 77 Esti-Mysteries.

Esti-Mysteries 1-15

Esti-Mysteries 16-30

Esti-Mysteries 31-45

Esti-Mysteries 46-60

Esti-Mysteries 61-75

Esti-Mysteries 76-77
Purchase Course for $79

What is included in the course?

The ENTIRE COURSE OUTLINE is available here! 

Simply scroll up to see it all.

You don't need to guess what you will receive, wonder how long the videos might be, or try to figure out if there will be downloads.

AND... you can also preview several of the videos.  Just take a look!

The Esti-Mystery Creator Course includes 4 modules.

Module 1  -  Creating Images
How do I create compelling images that will invite my students into the estimation experience? 
The first module will provide you with all of the information you need to create MANY rich images.

Module 2  -  Writing Clues
The second module will focus on the importance of the clues, how the clues allow students to interact with estimation, and how to select number sets that provide students with rich discussion opportunities.

The Esti-Mystery Clues Toolkit
The toolkit - which is provided between modules 2 and 3 is AN INCREDIBLE RESOURCE! 

Module 3  -  Using the Templates
The process of using the templates is detailed with multiple examples.  When you see these videos you will quickly become proficient with both the toolkit and the Esti-Mysteries template.

Module 4  -  Maximizing the Classroom Experience
It's all about the students - and this module will detail how to make their experience with Esti-Mysteries very rich!

Module 1: Capturing Images

Module 1 addresses challenge #1 (of 4) in creating Esti-Mysteries:  CREATING IMAGES.

How do I create rich images that work well for Esti-Mysteries?

How can I create those images without spending too much time?

How can I make sure my images will work well the first time I create them so that I wont have to go back and start again?

Images that compel estimation conversation.

You'll learn BOTH what works well...
..and what does not work well.

You'll see what to include in your images...
...and what to avoid.

We'll examine the containers, the contents, and learn how to create many images very quickly.

The Die - and How to Avoid Having to Retake Pictures.

If you've ever tried to write Esti-Mystery clues only to realize you wish you had turned the die a different way, then this video is for you.  Sometimes the smallest tip can save you the most time.  

Module 2: Writing The Clues

Module 2 addresses challenge #2 (of 4) in creating Esti-Mysteries:  WRITING RICH CLUES.

How can I decide which clues work well?

How can I see how all the clues work together?

How can I combine the clues so that they lead to a powerful combination of final choices before the reveal?

Watch me select a set of clues in 90 seconds!

The Clues Toolkit !!!

The 50 custom slides in the toolkit (as seen in the video at the top of this page) are worth the price of the entire course.

Quickly and easily layer the images together to see the effect of combining clues.

Combined with the tips inside the course on how to effectively prepare clues, this downloadable resource is enormously valuable - and it is only found here.

Module 3: Using the Templates

All of the template work has been done for you!

You simply need to add the picture, the clues, and the final answer.

To make it EVEN EASIER, there is even sample clue text from THE ESTI-MYSTERY CLUES TOOLKIT ready to use.

Complete the template, and your Esti-Mystery will be ready to use in your classroom!

The Esti-Mystery Template

Simpy follow the directions shown in yellow, purple, and red.

Whe you are finished, you will have a BEAUTIFUL and RICH esti-mystery!

Module 4: The Student Experience

In this module we'll explore how to use the Esti-Mysteries THAT YOU CREATE in an effective way in your classroom.

What if I realize it's not a good match for me?

No worries!  If you decide in the first 30 days that this is not a good match for you, just let me know, and you'll receive a full refund - ALL OF IT.

There is no risk to you.  Try it and if you don't like it, just let me know in the first 30 days.  You'll receive ALL of your money back.  ALL OF IT.

If you want to let me know what I can do better, I'd love to hear back from you so that I can make the course even better, but if you simply want a full refund with no questions asked that is also perfectly fine!

Do you want to create your own Esti-Mysteries?

This is the course with everything you need!

  • 2 hours of video content with directions, tips, and insights

  • Custom Esti-Mystery Templates

  • Steve Wyborney's Personal Clue Toolkit

  • BONUS:  All 77 of Steve Wyborney's Esti-Mysteries (written through November, 2019)

  • BONUS:  50 Custom Images  

About the Author

Steve Wyborney is a K-12 District Math Coach.  During his 24 years in education, Steve has been an elementary classroom teacher and an instructional coach.  

2005 Oregon Teacher of the Year
Author of 14 books
Conference & Keynote Speaker

Has also served as a...
Teacher Advisor for Scholastic Book Clubs
BrainQuest Math Teacher Advisor

Steve has given away over 1,000,000 free copies of his math resources and constantly searches for new ways to empower fellow educators.